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Aged Well

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Jessie Colter and Jake Morgan are in the locker room getting ready for their workout. When Jake turns around, he is sporting a huge bulge in his shorts and Jessie says they cannot go out into the gym like that. He offers to help take care of it right there and Jake does not object. Dax Carter & Jaxx Thanatos are both pumped and worked out! They are discussing their muscle gains and admiring each other's hard work. That small talk turns into some heated passion as Dax starts sucking Jaxx's cock. Liam Greer is getting down on himself about not getting bigger in the gym. Cesar Rossi tells him he looks great and consoles him. Soon their eyes meet knowingly and they are kissing. Sean Harding is doing his pre-workout warm-up by doing crunches and his trainer Michael Roman is motivating him. He cannot help but be distracted by the hard cock showing in Michael's shorts. Not hesitating, Sean reaches for it and starts stroking him, making it even harder.


Starring Cesar Rossi, Dax Carter, Jake Morgan, Jaxx Thanator, Jessie Colter, Liam Greer, Michael Roman & Sean Harding