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Arousing Suspicion

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This Pride Studios compilation features the action-packed antics of men over 30 mismanaging their cravings for cock. When Marc Giacomo gets frustrated that his boyfriend Austin Carter jerks off next to him in bed, he reminds him with a bit of prodding that porn is not a substitute for penetration. When Kaleb Kessler’s caught admiring other men’s ripped physique at the gym, jealous lover Josh Peters has to bend over backwards making it up to him. Boyfriend Jason Barr‘s birthday surprise turns into an explicit threeway after Matt Stevens asks Sean Duran to fill a gloryhole with his cock. When Kaleb Kessler encounters Sean Duran in the shower, he can’t resist the risk of trysting behind his jealous boyfriend’s back.

Starring Austin Carter, Jason Barr, Josh Peters, Kaleb Kessler, Marc Giacomo, Matt Stevens, & Sean Duran