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Backroom Sex Diaries

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While Clay Towers is alone in the backroom playing with his hard cock through his jeans, Jake Marshall walks into the room. They embrace, grope & sniff each other and start making out. Liam Greer is standing alone in the backroom and we can tell he’s obviously nervous. AJ Marshall walks in and likes what he sees. He guides Liam's trembling hand to his chest. Liam can barely speak, but AJ takes the lead on him. Bennett Anthony has set up his exercise mat in the shower and he is doing stretches alone when Sean Duran walks in and asks what he is doing. Turned on, he strips off his towel and Bennet starts sucking his cock. Julian Torres & Atlas Grant have come to the public shower to fool around with each other. They undress and both are hard as a rock. Julian starts sucking Atlas deep down his throat and then they move where they take turns sucking each other under the water.


Starring AJ Marshall, Atlas Grant, Bennett Anthony, Clay Towers, Jake Marshall, Julian Torres, Liam Greer & Sean Duran