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Bare Playroom

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James Stevens is preparing his playroom when he hears a knock at the door. Jay Donahue is a little nervous when he enters, but James takes control and starts by kissing and groping him. Jay is eager to please his Sir as he sucks his big long cock. Jay Alexander and Michael Roman are in their Jocks, making out in the playroom. Jay fucks Michael bent over with his bare cock deep inside his ass. Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello agree that as lovers, they will only go raw with each other. Soon they are naked and Rego is having a taste of Alexander's big uncut cock. Before going bareback, they start fucking raw doggy style. Adrian Suarez is sitting in the locker room when Vic Rocco walks in. He noticed Vic’s big cock under his shorts. He pulls it out and they both start making out. Adrian works hard at trying to deep throat all of it.

Starring James Stevens, Jay Donahue, Michael Roman, Jay Alexander, Rego Bello, Alexander Garrett, Adrian Suarez & Vic Rocco