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Big First Impression

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Adrian Suarez is alone in the shower area after his day of swimming time trials. He is rubbing his cock through his swimsuit when Jack Andy walks in, in nothing but a towel and a big hard cock poking out. Scott Riley cannot help but be turned on when he sees how sexy Pheonix Fellington is, all wet and hard. With just body language, he approaches him and drops to his knees. Riley Mitchell is sitting in the locker room after his workout when Vic Rocco walks in and they strike up some small talk. When he notices the large bulge in Vic's shorts, Riley exclaims "It's true what they say...". Aaron Trainer and Hans Berlin are sitting on the couch after just meeting each other online. Hans wants to know if what Aaron told him about the size of his cock is true. When he sees the bulge in Aaron's jeans, he grabs a hold of it and exclaims WOW! He pulls it out and starts sucking it.


Starring Aaron Trainer, Adrian Suarez, Hans Berlin, Jack Andy, Phoenix Fellington, Riley Mitchell, Scott Riley & Vic Rocco