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Big & Juicy

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Bryce Evan notices that Sean Duran’s big dick is poking out of his shorts. He gets on his knees and wraps his mouth around it taking every inch down his throat the best way he can. Adin Smith tells Jack Andy he heard a rumor that his cock is big. He confesses that he is horny and wants to see it. Jack pulls it out and Adin starts sucking it. He then shows him his beefy hairy ass and his partner rims it. Bryce Evans told his lover Hans Berlin that he invited over Jaxton Wheeler, a guy with a nice thick cock. Both are a little nervous, but when Jaxton arrives they waste no time before all three climb on the bed and start kissing and groping each other. Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin and Scott DeMarco are sitting in the locker room sharing where they are from and talking about how big their dick is. They waste no time before showing each other what they just spoke about


Starring Adin Smith, Alexander Garrett, Bryce Evans, Hans Berlin, Jack Addy, Jaxton Wheeler, Scott DeMarko & Sean Duran