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Blowing The Game

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Adin Smith and Zane Taylor begin making out with each other in the backyard before they move inside to the bedroom. They enjoy taking turns blowing each other. Jay Donahue is interested in Alexander Garrett’s classic car, but it is falling apart. Alexander is willing to give him the car for free if he can deepthroat his cock and take it all the way in his ass. Let’s see if Jay is ready. Jay Donahue and Chandler Scott are sitting in bed discussing their facial and body hair. This turns sexual pretty quick and they are soon making out and shedding their clothes. Zander Lane is a young photographer and conducting his first nude photo shoot with Ricky Larkin as his model. After doing several poses that show off his worked out body and hard cock, Ricky convinces Zander to join him for some fun.


Starring Adin Smith, Alexander Garrett, Chandler Scott, Jay Donahue, Ricky Larkin, Zander Lane & Zane Taylor