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Can You Train Me?

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Cris follows Rod into the locker room and is interested in possibly hiring him as his trainer. Cris tells him he wants a firmer ass and Rob grabs it and tells him he likes what he feels. Rego and Aston are lying in bed and Rego is begging Aston to stay in bed just a few minutes longer. But, Aston has to get to work. Rego continues to tease him and seduces him into staying in bed for "just 10 more minutes". After an argument about a birthday gift Alexander is unable to resist the charms of his boyfriend Julian and gives in and the two are soon embraced in a passionate kiss that quickly turns into more. Dustin and Jay are finishing up their day of work. Jay can tell something has been bothering Dustin all day. Dustin tells him that they have been in a rut in their relationship and he needs more adventure so he suggests they have sex right there in the warehouse.


Starring Alexander Garrett, Aston Springs, Cris Knight, Dustin Steele, Jay Donahue, Julian Knowles, Rego Bello & Rod Peterson