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Caught With Your Pants Down

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Matt Wingman is sitting in the locker room with his pants down and stroking his huge cock when the janitor Mike Lobo comes in. He cannot help but stare at him. Aaron Trainer and Jake Morgan are getting ready for their training session. Aaron is trying to speed him up, but Jake is not happy that it is leg day. When he turns around, he’s totally naked revealing his big cock. Scott DeMarco and Scott Riley are discussing the fact that neither of them has ever hooked up with another guy with the same name. Scott Riley tells him that he will not be able to call out his name during sex because it would be weird. They laugh and then he asks if Scott Demarco's cock is as big as it is in pictures. Jaxx Thanatos has come to be examined by the Doctor because he loves to suck big cocks, but lately his gag reflex has been kicking in too much and causing him to choke and gag. Jay Alexander determines that he should try sucking his big cock to see if he could help him get over his gagging.


Aaron Trainer, Jake Morgan, Jaxx Thanator, Jay Alexander, Matt Wingman, Mike Lobo, Scott DeMarco & Scott Riley