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Extra Big Dicks is proud to present HeartbreakR, a collection of heartbroken studs who need some good old-fashioned ass pounding to make it all better. Caleb doesn't want a boyfriend, he only wants to fuck you once and move on, and don't count on getting his number unless he really wants that ass around more often. But during a three-way, he felt something for Sean as he watched him and his boyfriend Fernando make out. While Fernando is gone for a quick shower, Caleb asks Sean if he wants to hook up, just the two of them. Unfortunately for him, Sean declined his offer – for the first time, Caleb is the one who has been rejected. Maybe it's time for him to change. Life goes on, and Caleb ends up with Brett in a different kind of relationship – has he finally found love in Brett's perfect, thick cock?

Starring Aspen, Billy Warren, Braxton Smith, Brett Bradley, Caleb Troy, Fernando Del Rio & Sean Duran