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Hungry Holes

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Finals are done, school is out for summer but Javier is having a hard time finding tops in his area that want to fuck him. Asher has the same problem but he's versatile and loves topping more than anything. Javier loves the good news and tells Asher that he can have his sweet ass. Sasha is at the park playing a game on his phone when he notices Conner. It just so happens that both of them were headed to the gym so they decide to go together. Once they get to the gym Sasha has a big hard on as he is changing his clothes and decides to help Sasha out with that big wood. Adam is enjoying a nice hot shower after an amazing workout at the gym. Austin comes into the locker room and joins Adam in the shower. They begin a nice sexy rub down as they let each other's hands explore their bodies from head to toe. Toby and Braxton are hard at work doing inventory in the warehouse while Aiden watches on from his office. Aiden becomes horny and begins to rub his cock while he watches the two. Braxton is on a ladder and catches Aiden playing with himself. Toby peaks in and sees his big dick and invites him to come out from the office and play in the warehouse.

Starring Adam Bryant, Aiden Ward, Asher Devin, Austin Carter, Braxton Smith, Conner Mason, Javier Cruz, Sasha Alexander & Toby Springs