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Muscled Up!

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Mars Rousseau is putting the weights back on the rack when Cesar Rossi walks in the room. He is exhausted and not wanting to workout. Sending this, Mars tries to loosen him up a little and get him motivated by rubbing his shoulders. Soon they are kissing and groping each other. Cesar sucks Mars hard cock 1st for a while before Mars sucks Cesar. Ricky Larkin & Dax Carter are back in the locker room after a great workout. They are mutually admiring each other's hard work in the gym and comparing gains. This leads to some body fondling and soon both are kissing. Cesar Rossi and Scott DeMarco have never fooled around in a back room play area before, but Scott's friend Jack offered for him to use his playroom. After a little awkwardness, they settle into the environment and start playing with each other. Jorden Michaels is in bed writing in his Sex Diary..."Dear Diary....etc. etc.... Fade out and into him and Osiris Blade in bed together naked and making out with each other. Jorden goes down and sucks Osiris first on the bed.


Starring Cesar Rossi, Daz Carter, Jorden Michaels, Mars Rousseau, Osiris Blade, Ricky Larkin, & Scott DeMarco