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My Big Fat Tool

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Rencher Spence is alone playing with his big fat cock, waiting for someone to come and service him. Sean Harding walks into the playroom and after sizing each other up, Rencher motions for Sean to show him his ass. Jessie Colter loves that Tony Orion begs for his big cock. Once he's satisfied, he pulls it out for him to suck it. In the dungeon, Riley Mitchel is only wearing a jockstrap and he's impatient to see Sean Duran. He can't wait to be manhandled and fucked like the pig he is. Sean Harding sees Aaron Trainer stroking his cock and watches for a bit before he notices and gets scared. He asks how long Sean has been watching and he says "long enough" as he approaches Aaron eagerly, drops to his knees and starts sucking his huge cock.


Starring Aaron Trainer, Jessie Colter, Rencher Spence, Riley Mitchel, Sean Duran, Sean Harding & Tony Orion