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Pull Your Dick Out

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Mateo Fernandez is cleaning his boogie board when he notices that Adrian Suarez is just sitting and staring at his cock. "Want to see it?" he says, as he pulls it out. Adrian is happy and starts sucking it and within seconds Mateo is hard as a rock. Javier Cruz asks Vadim Black why he is so upset and as he is talking to him, he starts massaging his shoulders. This of course leads into sexual tension between them and soon Vadim has a raging hard cock. As Tom Bentley shows Scott Demarco his new routine, we can see that he is actually getting turned on by Tom’s abilities. He looks impressed but curious about how Tom would look like naked doing the routine. Aspen & Dustin Steele have come outside where Aspen has a training tire in the parking lot. Whoever wins the challenge gets to fuck the other. As a taste of defeat, Dustin is the one who gets to suck Aspen’s dick.


Starring Adrian Suarez, Aspen, Dustin Steele, Javier Cruz, Mateo Fernandez, Scott DeMarco, Tom Bentley & Vadim Black