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Reliable Fuck

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Laying on their bed, Jon Galt tell Riley Mitchel that he’s ‘’Reliable Fuck’’ without any strings attached. Riley has totally the same feeling, as he starts sucking on his hard cock before rimming each other’s asses. Jake Morgan tells his partner Liam Greer how much he has enjoyed the last month of them dating. Liam has other things on his mind. With that, they start making out, fall onto the bed and their clothes start coming off. Sean Harding feels really comfortable with Tony Orion but he wants to know if he’s ready to move in with him. Based on Tony's sensual reaction, the answer is clear. He starts sucking Sean's hard cock deep down his throat. Angel Ventura was supposed to bring Rego's gym clothes, but it appears he forgot and the only thing he brought was Rego Bello's jock strap. After a brief argument about forgetting the clothes, they decide they should just fuck in the locker room.


Starring Angel Ventura, Jake Morgan, Jon Galt, Liam Greer, Rego Bello, Riley Mitchel, Sean Harding & Tony Orion