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Sexual Aroma

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Pride Classics is gay porn that every true collector needs. You'll find anthologies of our favorite, classic scenes from Pride's best lines. From Extra Big Dicks to Circle Jerk Boys – there's something for everyone! Enjoy Pride's hottest models when they were just starting out in the business, but most of all, enjoy watching great sex! Pride Classics proudly presents Sexual Aroma. Tate is ready to hit the clubs hard until his buddy Logan crushes his dreams by teasing him about his pants. His jeans are just not good enough for the club scene so Tate finally agrees to just drops his pants for the cock feast to begin. If you have ever fantasized about getting naked with your friends back in high school, then you’re going to enjoy watching Isaac Conn and Jesse Idol do just that – two sexy country boys and old high school buddies are ready to stroke each other’s cocks. Steven Ponce is in big trouble with the credit agency and Lance Hart refuses to help him with his score, so Steve seduces him in exchange for a higher rating. After all, what’s more persuasive than a hard dick? Finally, two first-timers are ready for you: Alexander Gustavo is a tanned, ripped hunk, and Nu Smyrna is the quiet-type – but his shyness doesn't last long once he's getting fucked by the studly Alexander.

Starring Alexander Gustavo, Isaac Conn, Jake Jennings, Jesse Idol, Lance Hart, Logan Vaughn, Nu Smyrna, Steven Ponce, & Tate Ryder