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Men Over 30 is proud to present Shredded. Mike DeMarko is checking inventory at the warehouse, but Johnny Hazzard just wants to shred that ass. Matt Stevens is having a rough time finding the perfect stripper until Mike Gaite walks in for the audition. Matt is skeptical at first but once the beat drops Mike gets his groove on. Darin Silvers is just trying to get home after a long day of work. He decides to hitckhike and Alessio Romero picks him up, but on one condition: a sloppy blow job for the road. Emanuelk and Andrew Justice are preparing for a sexy night out on the town and waiting for Steven so they can all hit the clubs. Steven finally shows up but he's not dressed very well, so Emanuelk and Andrew take matters into their own hands. First they shred his clothes, then they shred his ass, making sure to high five as they pummel him from both ends! Also starring Alexander Greene and Trey Turner.

Starring Alessio Romero, Alexander Greene, Andrew Justice, Darin Silvers, Emanuel K, Johnny Hazzard, Matt Stevens, Mike DeMarko, Mike Gaite, Steven Ponce, & Trey Turner