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This Is Our Little Secret

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Step-brother Damian Taylor and Valentin Petrov sex scene! Amone Bane visits his Uncle's husband Rob Montana for a job. After some talking and kissing Amone has a mouthful of Rob's big cock. Darron Bluu walks in on his stepdad Musclebear Montreal masturbating. Darron feels awkward and embarrassed but Musclebear tempts him and things take a hot turn! Adrian Rose is exhausted from school. Riley Mitchel, his step-dad sits next to him and comforts him. They both look at each other with intense desire. Riley moves towards Adrian and kisses him. He wants to make sure that Adrian learns everything he needs to know about dicks and anal sex!

Starring Adrian Rose, Amone Bane, Damian Taylor, Darron Bluu, Musclebear, Riley Mitchel, Rob Montana, & Valentin Petrov