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Too Big To Fit

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Jaxx Thanatos has heard the rumor that Alexander Garrett has a huge cock and wants to know if it is true. He finally grabs it and realizes how big it is. Jaxx does his best, trying to deep throat all of it. Scott Riley cannot keep his eyes off Ricky Larkin's hard dick. Soon he drops the towel and Scott is on his knees sucking the big cock. Zario Travezz is enjoying his shower at the gym so much so that he begins to stroke his big cock while he's soaping himself up. When Scott Riley walks in, they make eye contact and they both know what each other want. Aston Springs is injured and doesn't think he can handle Aaron Trainer on his own. He comes up with the idea to call Cesar Rossi. Him and Aston take turns sucking Aaron's big cock.


Starring Aaron Trainer, Alexander Garrett, Aston Springs, Cesar Rossi, Jaxx Thanatos, Ricky Larkin, Scott Riley & Zario Travezz