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Train My Ass

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Aiden Hart is let into the exam room wearing a hospital gown that is open in the back exposing his beautiful round ass and Dr. Jace Chambers seems to enjoy it. Cesar Rossi is just finishing with is shower when he notices Adrian Suarez staring at him. After some small talk, they both agree they can have some fun together. Sean Maygers tells Landon Kovac that he's a personal trainer and gets paid for advice. Landon pulls out Sean's big cock and starts deep throating him. Vic Rocco has come to the Doctor's office to hopefully get out of his leg splint because he wants to get back into the gym. Jay Donahue comes into the exam room and takes it off. He brushes up against Vic's crotch to which Vic responds favorably. Jay starts groping Vic's cock through his shorts and starts sucking it.

Starring Adrian Suarez, Aiden Hart, Cesar Rossi, Jace Chambers, Jay Donahue, Landon Kovak, Sean Maygers, & Vic Rocco