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Want to Taste My Meat?

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In the locker room, Chandler Scott is impressed by what is hanging between Osiris Blade’s legs. Osiris offers it to him and Chandler starts sucking him. He does his best to take it all, but is only able to manage 50% of the entire length. Jay Donahue is bummed out about his gym session. When Max Sargent learns that he is into men, he begins to hit on him. Max can’t resist and slowly makes a move. Realizing he’s all alone in the exam room, Lex Sabre starts to stroke his hard cock through his uniform when Adrian Suarez, who is a cleaning person, comes into the room. Instead of leaving, he goes over to Lex and starts sucking his cock. Scott DeMarco brings Jack Andy, who is blindfolded, into the bedroom for his surprise. He quickly realizes that someone else is in the room and gets excited when he feels the big cock. Both John & Scott then share Jack's big cock between them for a while before all three climb on the bed.


Starring Adrian Suarez, Chandler Scott, Jack Andy, Jay Donahue, John magnum, Lex Sabre, Max Sargent, Osiris Blade & Scott DeMarco