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XXXtreme Fun

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Mike Monroe and Javier Cruz are at a resort on Spring Break with some friends. They decide to leave the pool and head to their shared room to have some fun. Once inside, they make out before Mike starts sucking Javier. All four boys are ready to rock and roll as they toast at the pool bar. They all get naked but Tyler Lakes and Oliver Star decide to go back to their room. Oliver starts out sucking Tyler's cock and then grinds his ass on his hard cock. Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura are back in the locker room after their soccer scrimmage. Angel is mad because he didn’t score, but Chandler knows there’s another way he can still score as he starts kissing him. In the Surf Shark, Mike Lobo shows his partner Tyler Lakes that he’s wearing a small bathing suit, just like the guys in Brazil. Tyler is excited to see that and starts sucking his uncut Brazilian cock.


Starring: Angel Ventura, Chandler Scott, Javier Cruz, Mike Lobo, Mike Monroe, Oliver Star, Tyler Lakes