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You Are a Total DILF

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Playing with his dick through his gym shorts, Aspen always has a perpetual boner. Jack Andy notices and of course cannot wait to get it in his mouth. The thrill of potentially getting caught turns them both on. Mike Lobo has no issues with the age gap between him and Jace Chambers and is excited when his partner asks him to move in with him. They are both so excited with each other that you can see the pre-cum spots on their shorts. Soon their clothes are off, Jace starts sucking Mike's hard cock. Sean Duran has hired Aspen and Darin Silvers for some warehouse help. They work on the chair but they can't find the hardware for it so they start stroking their big dicks. Even though he's mad, Sean joins in with one condition which is that they have to make him cum so they can keep their jobs. Rego Bello and Alexander Garrett are talking about how much they love having Adrian Cortez over. As soon as they ask him to move in, the action begins. The all get intertwined sucking, licking and body worshiping one another.


Starring Adrian Cortez, Alexander Garrett, Aspen, Darin Silver, Jace Chambers, Jack Andy, Mike Lobo, Rego Bello & Sean Duran