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Young Lads

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Peter has had a long day at work and when he gets home they both have to get ready for the birthday party. Dante tells Peter to come into the bedroom and Peter isn't too happy about it until he sees Dante butt naked wearing only a red ribbon. Skyler comes charging into the garage barking orders at Jimmy who stands strong and doesn't take shit from the kid. Skyler taking back by it goes with the motions and soon enough is down on his knees worshiping Jimmy's fat cock. Chase has a hot boss by the name of Dean and every weekend Dean has Chase come over to be his servant but today turns out to be different. He wants him to service his cock. Liam is being interviewed by Teddy for a new job as his assistant. Liam claims to know exactly what to do without any training. Once Teddy hears Liam boasting about how good he is at his job he stands up and unzips his pants right in front of his face.


Starring Chase Chandler, Dante Colle, Dean Phoenix, Jimmy Druano, Lian Aries, Peter Rough, Skyer Hart & Teddy Bryce