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Bearly Working

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Carlos Cruz is working on his house and preparing for the big storm coming in. Right after Riley Mitchell brings him down off the job, they start to passionately kiss which leads into some amazing cock sucking. Riley Mitchell was holding his nut in from the last encounter with Julian Torres. He had been keeping an eye on him while fucking poolside. Once they got into the room, they didn't waste any time. As Lanz Adams is introducing Brad Kalvo, he’s trying not to jump his bones during the interview, but shortly after, they begin passionately kissing and rimming. The two furry sexy men move gracefully into a 69 where they both please each other at the same time. Hunter Scott and Lanz Adams tell us all about how they got into the Bear lifestyle but they can’t wait to suck each other’s cock. Once Hunter’s dick is hard, he starts fucking Lanz all over the place.